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Alison Stuckey

I am a connector, an empath, an intuit, Reiki practitioner, mum, wife, multipreneur, visionary, life changer and your biggest cheerleader. I am also a square peg in a round hole, never fitting into corporate life. Trying to live to the expectations I had for myself, I became ill. An intensive personal growth and wellness journey ensued, with much learning, doing and opening to MORE. With the knowledge I have gained, I can help people unlock their life purpose and help them live the life they were meant to lead.  


With years of personal growth, my keen intuition, mindset and energy knowledge and many life and spiritual lessons, I can help anyone on their path to living their best life. With Mindset, Energy and Spiritual mentoring, you will receive a unique experience allowing you to realize your greatest potential. I utilize intuitive reading as well as Reiki practices to mentor people to their greatest potential.


When a person realizes there is more for them, it is powerful. At first we must acknowledge this, then comes the work, acceptance that the way we were living is no longer fulfilling for us. This is where we must find our people who will support, teach, encourage and empower us to reach our greatness. We were all created with greatness within us. I have lived this journey and can help you on yours!

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